Just The Way You Are

Some parents are not satisfied with the children they have brought into this world. They meet their son or daughter, get to know their little quirks, passions and personalities and then think, Hmm. I can change that. There are Pageant Mothers, Tiger Mothers and Stage Mothers. Lots of mothers. (I know dads can be equally terrifying. They just haven't been labeled as effectively.) I was an odd kid. A little bit of a dreamer, a lot a bit of a liar. I read books under the desk at school and never met a math assignment I felt like finishing. From the age of five, I went to sleep every night absolutely sure I would be dead before morning. There was also an unfortunate period when I decided I was an athlete. My parents sat through the first two weeks of every season of every sport a girl can play. But by the end of those two weeks, I always remembered I was exceptionally uncoordinated and exceptionally sweaty. Not great. My mom and dad always held my hand as I walked away from one more thing that I hadn't been able to do. They could have taken the easy way out. The poor couple found themselves confronted with a reading, dreamy, scared, SWEATY little girl. They could have said, Hmm. We can change that. Instead, they gave me more books, taught me that dreams take work, hugged me till I couldn't feel the fear and bought me box fulls of prescription strength antiperspirant.

I had a birthday last week and my parents proved that they know and accept me just as readily as they did when I was a kid. Yes.They bought me a basket of bacon. Bacon Soap, Bacon Soda, Bacon Mints, Bacon Frosting and Bacon Floss. Each one smokier and saltier than the next. Thanks guys.

I love you, too.