Just in case

I think we'll stick to baking for awhile.

We are trying to live more deliberately around here. Sometimes that means days full of lessons and gentle guidance and creative projects. More often than not, it just means two episodes of Blue's Clues instead of three.

We're working on it.

As part of this new intentional life, we are eating less meat and doing our darndest to purchase what animal protein we do consume from local producers like Clifford Farms. I don't have a problem with killing animals to eat them, I just want them to live some measure of their creation before all the death stuff starts. What can I say?

I'm a giver.

Kids soak up our preoccupations and Zuzu has spent a considerable amount of time over the past few weeks asking about our food. Where does it come from? How is it grown? Is there a way to make green beans that don't taste so green bean-sy? You know,  the basics.

On Saturday she and I were cooking dinner together when she expressed her disappointment over the lack of bacon on that night's menu. (Yeah, I was a little broken up about it, too.) A few stirs of the bacon-less soup on the stove and she looked up at me,

Zuzu: Mom, where does bacon come from?
Me: Pigs
Zuzu: No, I know. But how do we get it from the pig?
Me: Well, it's pig meat. So the pig has to be killed to get the bacon.
Zuzu: How do they kill the pig?
Me: Ummmm....well....they slit it's neck a lot of the time.
Zuzu: What? Well, that is awkward. Man. Hmmmm. Does all meat come from animals that are killed?
Me: Yep, meat is inside animals so we have to kill them to get it.
Zuzu: Inside them like a chocolate egg that has other candy inside?
Me: No, I guess you could say animals are made of meat. They have flesh under their skin. And when they are dead we call the flesh "meat".
Zuzu: So cows are meat, pigs are meat, chickens are meat?
Me: Well, yeah. Once they are killed they are meat. You got it.
Zuzu: Are cats meat?
Me: Ummmmm....we don't eat cats. They do have flesh, but we don't eat them.
Zuzu: Yeah, I don't really like cats, so I don't think I would like eating them. But it's good to know they are made of meat.
Me: Why is that good to know?
Zuzu: Just in case.



Hands down the creepiest conversation I've ever had with my four year old. We might have to go all veg. Or at least eat more bacon. (Not sure how more bacon will help this particular problem, but it'll be tasty...which helps most things.)