Just a little help.

This morning I woke up ready to blog about a lovely little children's book and a lovely little girl. It will have to wait.

Rather, I will take just a few lines to ask for your help. Late last night, a family in rural Pennsylvania was finishing a long day. The children were inside settling down for the evening, while the mother and father finished chores out on the land. Smoke began to fill the home and the three year old ran to the barn to get her mother. By the time they got back to the house it was already lit bright with flames. The firefighters came and were too late. Seven children were still in the building. They didn't get to come out.

I don't know this family, but I can't breathe again until I have done something to help them. Tragedy is constant and I have had to learn that I can't help everyone. There are things that we have to let go. I know that. However, I just can't let this one go. Seven caskets. How can any mother survive that?

I called the Pennsylvania State Police and spoke with Colonel Woodcock. He told me that a fund is going to be set up for the family in the next 24 hours. I will post all of the donation information as soon as I get it. This family is going to have to bury their children and rebuild their home, their lives, their hearts. I know that things are a little tough right now. None of us have much to give. However, this man and woman are a brother and sister we just haven't met yet. Their burden has become too much. We can help. Giving just the little you would have spent on Diet Coke's this week can make a big difference.

Let's lift them up, the best we can, together.