Joyful Noise

Mr. Elephant keeps sick Viola Honey company

Viola has been sick for the past four weeks with various ailments. The latest illness involves diapers full of something akin to what I imagine one would find in the sludge of a Martian sewage plant. I can’t get the smell out of my nose.

And then there is Zuzu. The girl refuses to cut her hair. I have tried bribing and pleading and guilting and cheering. But she says that Rapunzel didn’t cut her hair until she was ready to get married and so she won’t either. I suppose I should be proud that my four year old has chosen to be a powerful single woman. I have to admit, it would be easier to feel pride if the current state of her hair didn’t make her look so much like one of the boys from The Partridge Family.

Luckily (for them), both girls make me laugh.

Viola has taken to saying sorry whenever she or anyone else drops anything, bumps into anything or speaks too loudly. It is her favorite (and nearly only) word and I just can’t get enough. She and Margaret play in the bedroom, I hear the blocks fall over or cars crash and then Viola’s tiny voice shouts “SORREE!” It slays me and I have taken to running into door frames and chairs on purpose just to hear her say it.

Lately, Zuzu’s best material has come to us in song. My favorite? The little ditty she crooned in the back of our car on the way to my parent’s house. The chorus went like this….

“…and my parents were so joyful when I awoke because of true love’s KISSSSSSS!!!”

When we got to my parent’s house I told my dad about her latest melodic efforts. He covered his face in his hands and shook his head once.

“Oh, Meggie. You are raising a crazy person.”

He is totally right. And my goodness, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lucky for us, my dad likes crazy people.