Remember this post? The one about the day my life ended and it all started with the demise of my phone? That night when Riley came home from work he seemed frustrated,

"Meggie. I have been trying to call you for hours! What is the problem?"

"Oh. My phone hasn't been working. Try calling it again."

He dialed and my dead phone didn't ring. But the new iPhone in his pocket did. It was awesome. Surprising. And he is still reaping the, ahem, rewards.

Now that I have an iPhone I pretend that Siri is my overworked, underpaid personal assistant. Something along the lines of Devil Wears Prada...which makes me Meryl Streep...or maybe not. There have been instances in which I have used the speaker phone in the car just so that I look more like a star on a reality tv show. And I now instagram. Ah. Instagram. It is the hipsters form of expression. It is just one more way to be self-involved. It is...totally addicting. Want to see what my face looks like from a distance of just inches when photographed with a tiny camera? Curious about what my girls ate for lunch? Interested in my take on a midsummer sunset? (Oh what filter will she use THIS time?) Then check out me and my instagramming here.

I can't promise much. I can promise there will be lots of pictures of many things.

PS. As of yesterday if you have an android, you too can join the instagram cult fun! Check it out. You will love it.