Home That I Love

I love America.

Really dyed in the wool, patriotic, quote the founding fathers over breakfast love it. I believe Mr. Tocqueville was correct when he called this country "exceptional". There have been mistakes, but there have also been moments of light so bright they lit up the world. And that is truly something of value. It calls for action, gratitude and a celebration.  So today we will honor a grand idea in a few little ways. My family and I will watch a parade, eat red, white and blue food and cover our ears while the fireworks color the night.

I love my life. My heavens, I can feel the blessings falling down around me. Bouncing off the roof of my house, trickling into my chimney, filling up our planters. I thank the Lord that I get to be in this moment, in this place, with these people.

Thank Him with every part of my little self.