Good To Know

This time last year she was all waking nights and quiet cuddles.

Some achievements no matter how simple or matter of course will always take my breath away. Yesterday, Viola took her first four steps. They were tiny and wobbly and ended in a puddle on the floor. But that moment was magic. We cheered like she had just been awarded a Pulitzer, hit a grand slam and walked on the moon.  With a cherry on top.

When it comes to Halloween costumes, three year olds will always want to be a Disney character as personified by polyester and gold dangles that fall off after one wearing. This year Zuzu will die a death of righteous indignation if I dress her as anything other than Jasmine for her night of trick or treats. My pinterest feed has been filled to bursting with other people’s children dressed as Frida Kahlo and Picasso. Moms let’s get over our need to make our kids an extension of our immense knowledge of Art History 101. Your little Frida? She is wishing you let her be a Wonder Pet. And Picasso over there is seething with jealousy over the neighbor kid who got to be Lightning McQueen.

We may not like it, but perhaps we should. How are their Disney characters any different than our love of design bloggers and celebrity gossip. (Oh, I see you over there. Don’t pretend you don’t know that Jennifer Aniston is finally getting married and that she even invited Brad Pitt’s mom to the ceremony. TEAM JENNIFER!)

And finally. Some things don’t change completely, they just evolve a bit. Thank goodness. I remember sitting on the floor of my parents room and talking about the complexities of my young life. The people I knew, wish I knew, the place that I was, the place that I hoped to be. There was no concern or hope too trivial, no topic off limits. The discussion didn’t always offer resolution but it did always offer peace. Last night Riley played with my hair while I talked about the complexities of my young life. No hope or concern was too trivial and no topic was off limits. It offered some resolution and a night’s sleep of peace.

Here’s to a good weekend.