Good To Know

A few things I learned this week.

Jello is the most delicious thing in the world when it is being fed to you by someone you love. My 88 year old Grandpa got remarried last year to a lovely woman named, Laurel. After losing their spouses and spending a few years alone, they met at church. Laurel dresses with an Anthropologie meets Ann Taylor sensibility. My grandpa drives his sports car with the top down. It just works. Last week, Grandpa was rushed to hospital with a flu that had something to prove. Riley and I went over that night to pray with our family. I hate hospitals. I hate the quiet, the smell of cleaner, the feeling of helplessness. And I hate that in this life, there is no avoiding those walks down a long white hall to a small white room full of machines and sickness. When we got to my grandpa's room, he was laying in bed, pale faced and bewhiskered. Laurel spooned bright orange jello into his mouth. His eyes held hers. Perhaps there is something worthwhile at the end of those long  white walled walks.

There are few things better than eating free food while discussing things I hope to do. I had two business lunches this week, both featured amazing women and all you can eat chips. Really. Need I say more?

I didn't think so.

And finally. Living with someone with big ideas is a bright, fly above the stars kind of thing. Every night Riley and I get the girls tucked in, kiss a little (or a lot) and then finally go to bed . At that point, after the child raising and dinner making I am tired down to my soul. I just want to fall into a deep sleep until Margaret wakes me up in the morning asking for, "DORA!". And then, just as I am about to be whisked away into a slumber, Riley begins to talk. He talks about the projects he is working on and the hopes he has for the future. About where we are as a family and where we would like to be. And I nod and smile and catch bits of what he is saying through the haze.

" you think that is a good business model?"

"I really think it would be great if we could teach the girls to...."

" your book. You are going to write one, right?"

"Meggi, where do you want to live? I have always wanted a house right by...."

There is nothing so lovely as falling asleep to the sounds of my husbands dreams. They make the next morning seem so possible. So rich. So full.

Even if it includes DORA!

Have a great weekend.

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