Good to Know

A few things I learned this week.

A human can live on 5 hours of sleep a night. I know, I know. Anyone that has had newborn in the house is not counting this one as any great discovery. And yes, when my babies are tiny a night of sleep that can be quantified in HOURS is a very good thing. However, I would argue that parents are gifted superhuman powers for the duration of their baby's newborn-ness. And superheros don't need to sleep, they don't even have beds (or is that vampires?). My powers were sapped the moment my baby stopped being a newborn. So I started sleeping and I was very serious about it. 8 hours isn't nearly enough, when is it time to go back to bed, kind of serious. And it was lovely. A nice rest stop on the way to the next part of my life. Lately, my days have been filled with visiting family, new projects and babies that need to be sung back to bed at one in the morning. Surprisingly, the bits of relief I have catch by Riley's side each night have been enough. Which means I might have a little more time on my hands. Heaven knows I can use it.

My family can subsist on a diet of dino nuggets, dried out lunch meat, eggs, cheese and crackers. I know because I didn't go grocery shopping this week and that list basically sums up the contents of our cupboards. Eaten separately and in complimentary combinations none of the food was too terribly off putting, especially when helped along by a jar of olives or the rogue apple hiding behind cheese (Sorry Riley, I found it first). It was when I tried to create a "use only the items in your pantry" feast that we ran into some trouble. Imagine all the random ingredients mixed together in a devil's omelet. Topped with cheese. Garnished with olives.


And finally. Often we do without in order to have more and sometimes we do without simply because we couldn't get our sorry bum to the grocery store. I don't mind missing out on a few hours of sleeping dreams if I am awake and working towards the ones I have in real life. I do mind creating meals out of freezer burned kid food. Both insights are revelations. And no, I don't think that says much good about me, either.

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Have a great weekend.