Good to Know

A few things I learned this week.

There is a simple joy in watching my family eat a meal I have made. Zuzu will eat any kind of food, as long as the food is beans, chicken or crackers. Riley is slightly less selective, he dislikes soups, meatless entrees and anything that has celery. Viola is still content with rice cereal. A better woman than I would be able to make make dinners that meet the needs of both my solid food eaters. I want to be the Barefoot Contessa, whipping up meals infused with simplicity and topped with freshly ground pepper. In reality, more often than not Margaret ends up eating dino nuggets while Riley struggles through yet another serving of a celery based soup. Unfortunate. Last night there was a little miracle in our little kitchen. All it took was an America's Test Kitchen take on chicken, broccoli and rice, a well set table and yes, a little freshly ground pepper. Riley might have used the word, delicious. Margaret asked for more. I felt like a culinary goddess that held the foodies of the Hamptons in the palm of my basil chopping hands. (Never mind that the Contessa would never make something as pedestrian as chicken and rice. The cheddar ration alone would horrify her.) It.Was.Awesome.

If you are going to watch bad reality tv, it is best to share the shame with someone. Viola wakes up every night at eleven for a little after dinner snack. The hours before ten are used productively. We pick up, read and do last minute work assignments. But once that clock finds its' way past 9:59 pm, Riley and I lose all sense of self, purpose and dignity. Lately, we have been watching Storage Wars: Texas. The accents are thick, interesting finds are rare and the accidental one liners plentiful. My favorite Storage Wars line came from a gentleman named Bubba, "It takes bread and butter to make the gravy." It sounds like Bubba might be even worse in the kitchen than I am.

And finally. There are few things more refreshing than a walk with my girls on a spring day. The tulips dance in the breeze. Viola laughs and Zuzu dances in the grass. Everything is beautiful and new and if I didn't know any better I would think the trees were blossoming just for us. Magic.

Have a great weekend.