Good To Know

A few things I learned this week.

Family road trips are possible and (almost) enjoyable. It is my hope to motor across the U.S. with Riley in our retirement. (Preferably in one of these.) However, eating my way across America at 65 is a very different proposition than traveling with my little family right now. The night before we left for California was filled with anxiety. I may have rearranged Zuzu's activity bag twenty times and absolutely spent a half hour deliberating over Viola's blanket selection. And then we got in the car and it was....more than alright. Zuzu read, sang and looked out the window. Viola slept. Riley and I dreamed aloud about the future.  There were a few tears, but a bag full of M&Ms fixed that right away. Thank goodness Riley had them waiting for me.

I tend to be enthusiastic about food. It is not uncommon for me to end a meal with the words, "That was delicious. So perfect. I would absolutely choose that as my last meal." Riley has pointed out to me that the point of a last meal is to have only one. He thinks it is a designation I use a bit too freely. I have applied it to fare as diverse as Village Inn turkey dinners (just so, so wrong) and Chilean Sea Bass Indian feasts at Akbar (just so, so right.) When in LA we went to, Canter's, my favorite delicatessen outside of New York.  The decor is of the beige/gold variety and the reuben is a glistening specimen of sandwich perfection. I took my first Russian dressing coated bite and looked up at Riley. He smiled and said, "Last meal, I know." That boy gets me every time.

And finally. It is one of the blessings of my life that I love Riley's family like they are my very own. We spent a week with his parents and most of his brothers. What beautiful grandparents and doting uncles. I adore each one and cannot believe my girls and I get to be loved by them. Really just too good.

Have a great weekend.