Good To Know

A few things I learned this week.

Music can make a bad day better. Thank you Florence, Lyle, Alison, George, Chris and Etta. You took my frizzy haired mean reds and turned them into frizzy haired dance parties. We will be meeting up again...soon.

Living without sleep is for the young and I am no longer young. As a college freshman I would stay up until four in the morning, running in the dark, kissing boys and eating unholy amounts of Beto's. Sure I nearly always slept through my first class, one or two of those boys were not as handsome in the light of day, and 2am fast food taquitos are not the culinary highlight of my life. But I distinctly remember being able to function the next day. Ten years later, Viola wakes up once a night for a fifteen minute bottle fed frenzy. A feeding that Riley has taken on himself most nights. My role in the whole thing is to halfheartedly offer to do it as he walks out the door. "Oh Riley. Really give her to me. I will feed her tonight. I am so..."  And then he is gone and I have fallen asleep mid sentence. And still. I am up at 6:30 every morning craving my pillow and any number of illegal stimulants. My last hope is that there was some energy sustaining ingredient in all those taquitos...a theory I may be testing out this week around 2am.

"Hi. Can I fifty taquitos? My baby is awake and I am really hoping to feel like I did when I was eighteen. Yeah. A side of guacamole would be great."

And finally. Sometimes you have to get messy. The girls and I made cookies this week. The floors, walls and their faces were covered in flour. We made shapes out of the brown sugar and there may have been a chocolate chip food fight. By the time we were done I had two hours of kitchen clean up and a beautiful plate of baked goods. I think there is a metaphor for life in there somewhere, but I am too busy eating a cookie to find it.

Have a great weekend.