Good To Know

In the interview I wave my hands around like a crazy person and look to the studio lights like there is someone up there listening to me. Because I am a professional like that. Read the post that inspired the interview here.

A girl never grows out of needing her mommy. Like when her husband is out of town. And she is going to be on TV. And between the sleepless night and hungry kids her best attempt at doing her hair resulted in some sort of birds nest/mad scientist cocktail of horror. And then her mom feeds her kids. And sits her down in a chair and does her hair and make up. And gets her dressed.

All within 30 minutes.

(In case you missed it, in this story I am the girl and the mommy is well, my mommy.)

I hope my girls always need me. (Although, if they need someone to do their hair they might want to go somewhere else. Unless, of course, they are looking for the old guy from Back To The Future look. Because I can do that.)

The result is a surprisingly put together Meg without one sign of TV camera pale face. (A crime I commit on the regular.) Want to hear me talk about womanhood and modesty while not looking like a vampire? Check it out here. (PS. Does my lisp make me sound like Drew Barrymore??? You know, a less famous, less rich, less busty Drew?)