Good To Know

And while I am saying "thank you"...thanks for the instagram intervention that accompanied this photo. It kept me from dying my hair lavender. Riley thanks you also.

Just one little thing I learned (again) this week.

I really, really love my readers. I love your comments. I love your emails. I love your hearts and your hopes. I love you through your trials and trust you with my own. I love our disagreements and moments of understanding. I love that you are strong women and I love that you are seeking just like me. I love that we meet here across so much time and distance. I love that I want to sit and have a long lunch with each and every one of you. I love that you have taught me I am not alone. I love that you have so much more to teach me.

Thank you for making this a sacred space for me. Thank you for listening. Thank you for understanding.

I love you.

Have a lovey kind of weekend.

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