Good to Know

They don't always eat in the tub, sometimes they draw on the walls.

Just one thing I learned this week.

Sometimes motherhood requires us to do things that would have made us leave the room in the disgust just a few years earlier. For example, lately Viola has not been a very good at eating dinner. Most of her meal time is spent throwing her food and yelling things like,

"No! No way! Yes! Okay! No No No!"

Ummmm, who  is she talking to?

Alright, don't eat. I don't care. Honestly, I would be more than happy to go all Beauty and the Beast on her and yell, "Then go ahead and starve!" But that would be mean. And I try not to quote Disney cartoons in my everyday life. Also? She wakes up at 2:30 am ready for a meal after the nights she doesn't eat.

That last reason is really our true motivation. Because we are awful like that.

So at night we put her in the tub and then we feed her. Last night's dinner was hot dogs. Which means that half way through her bath there were bits of bun and hot dog in the water. Occasionally, she scooped the wet bread out of the water and put it in her little pink mouth.

Gross, yes.

But not as gross as when Zuzu walked in, picked up a princess tea cup out of the tub, filled it with bath water and took a big, long drink.

What can I say? We live a very glamorous life.