Good To Know

Also? I learned how to do a craft. Groundbreaking, I know.

A few things I learned this week.

A long drive can be made to seem shorter when there is a little surprise at the end of it. We drove home from California a couple of weeks ago. The girls held it together for most of the drive. However, I was ready to stop by the time we got to Vegas and call The Strip home. Our new depressing, neon colored home.

Three bags of Haribo gummy bears and two Jack in the Box stops later we pulled up to the house. And there sitting on our doorstop was a lovely package from LA Bumble Bee, two little candles that smell like Spring.  And my goodness, after a 10 hour drive to a house that still felt like the flu we had left behind the week before…it was exactly what I needed.

Find LA Bumble Bee here. I plan on trying the Yosemite Woods one next.

Four isn’t as bad as three but it is still a wild ride. Zuzu at three years old was a tornado of emotion. Ups and downs and flips and turns and tantrums the size of the winning pumpkin at the Georgia State Fair. Four has been more predictable. There are three good weeks for every bad one. And my oh my – those weeks are a joy. A blissful bomb of happy and sweet and MOMMY, I LOVE YOU!This week was a bad one. Bad like she spends twenty minutes looking at a wall instead of saying “please” and I threaten to take away Christmas three seasons before it happens.

My goodness. I am ready for those three good weeks.

And finally. Since Eve, women have proven time and time again that there is no mold they can’t break or set of expectations they can’t exceed. Stereotypes and clichés are for the weak minded. That being said…there are few things that a piece of chocolate can’t make better.  Like when one child won’t sleep and the other won’t budge and your dad is going back in the hospital and syrup spilled under the fridge where no mop or cleaning rag will venture and your jeans aren’t fitting and suddenly you are struck by the thought that maybe Pretty in Pink was overrated as a movie and if that is the case what does that say about your adolescent development and…. And then you take a breath have a piece of some sea salt chocolate and realize that any day that can hold the lovely combination of fleur de sel and 60% dark cacao can’t be that bad of a day.

Here’s to a weekend full of chocolate. And love. And skirts that fit because who needs those damn jeans anyways.