Good To Know

This girl has fallen asleep on the bathroom floor three times in the past two days.

This girl just wants to have fun.

 A few things I learned this week.

It is easier to be happy in a house of order. However, my house is full of people and illness and cracker crumbs and laundry. I should have done something about it all. Instead, I spent three collective hours revamping my Pinterest boards. And my goodness, is there order! And color! And art! And not one cracker crumb in sight. Want to follow along and watch me pin away my anxiety in real time? Check it out here. (And yes, there are a shocking number of fleur de sal dessert recipes. It can't be helped. I like it salty.)

There are some moments when you know without a doubt that motherhood has completely and utterly changed you. I had one of those very instances of clarity yesterday. I was half way through a tuna sandwich when Zuzu threw up for the sixtieth time. I put the sandwich down, went and cleaned up the girl and the mess, washed my hands and....then finished the sandwich. Are you hearing this? Tuna then vomit then tuna? In what world is that order of events even mildly acceptable? I would have been disgusted with myself if I wasn't so busy, you know, eating mayonnaise and fish.

And finally. In the middle of the night, when it wells up in your throat and fills up your eyes, it is alright to cry. Because it has been a long week. And you know it will be better, but it isn't right now. Because you are angry and scared and hopeful and tired. And then after the tears have done their part, it is alright to smile. Because the morning is coming.

It really is.

Have a lovely weekend. 

This girl is looking to the morning.