Good To Know

     Where do you go to listen deeply?

A few things I learned this week.

Our 900 square foot home is too small for a family of four when three of us are sick.  There is simply no escaping the infection. The whole house is cloaked in the smell of infant Tylenol and two day old pajamas.  Yesterday, Riley walked into the back of our little abode and found Zuzu, Viola and I laying across darling house's one hallway. He had to hop over me to get to the bedroom, tiptoe past Margaret to use the restroom and catapult over Viola to get back to kitchen. If I wasn't so certain that Riley would never curse I would have sworn I heard him say, damn, as he tripped past us.

I am sure I just imagined it.

Sometimes it is enough that you have made it to the weekend without breaking apart. Because the nights were long and the mornings were too early and the fevers generous with their warmth. Revel in the victory of simply being alive. I suggest celebrating with BLT's and Haagan-Dasz. Because there ain't no party like a bacon party.

And finally, God is always waiting to speak to us, we simply need to give Him the opportunity to be heard. I think these sacred moments can be found in the ordinary, on long drives and quiet moments in the kitchen. Lately, I have been better about seeking them at the LDS temple. In the space of a couple hours I sit in the quiet and think and ask and listen. And then for just a moment, sometimes blessedly longer, I am able to see myself as He sees me. Oh my goodness, there is beauty and potential and hope. I always emerge clarified.

And grateful, so utterly grateful.

Have a great fever free weekend.