Good to know

A few things I learned this week.

When women work together they are unstoppable. This last week three friends and I got together to make cement planters for succulents. On our quest for planter perfection we faced down lumpy cement, rain and every single one of our children. I returned home triumphant and covered in dust.  We are women. Hear us...DIY.

Corned beef does not go with everything. I made a large brisket of corned beef on Monday. As it cooked and filled my kitchen with its briney goodness my eyes began to dance as I thought of all the things we would be able to make it throughout the week. We will have reubens and corned beef hash and oh... suddenly I realized there really isn't much to be done with my favorite pink meat. Ever heard of a month of Sundays? Well we just lived through a week of corned beef.

Lesson. Learned.

And finally. It is a bittersweet thing to watch your child brave her fears. Last night the wind blew and the rain dashed against our windows. Margaret had curled into the corner of her bed. I went in to say goodnight and her big eyes peaked up at me in the darkness.


Yes, sugar?

Mommy, it is windy outside but the wind can't get in here. We are safe. Mommy, the window is wet because it is raining! The rain is so loud. But it can't get in, we are safe. Mommy, it is loud and wet outside, but inside we are safe. It can't get me. We are safe.

My throat was tight as I kissed her. I know I can't protect her forever, I know she will leave her little bed in the corner of my house and face the wind. But for now she and Viola are mine.

And we are safe.

Have a great weekend.

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