Good To Know

A few things I learned this week.

Every contest has a winner and that winner is never me. Tomorrow HGTV is giving away their Dream Home: 2012 Edition. I have entered to win every year since my infamous (infamous to me) loss of the 2006 Edition. The current Dream Home is a mere 28 minutes from my house and somehow that made this year my year. Dozens of entries and hundreds of Riley eye rolls later, I have the suspicion that tomorrow will not hold the keys to a 4,200 sq ft mountain chalet. As with all hard things, it is taking some time to make peace with this realization. I have a bag of M & M’s that should help.

As humans we have a desire to learn and a need to demonstrate everything we have learned. Look at any freshly licensed sixteen year old.  My little brother was begging to be peoples ride to the airport for a year and a half after he got his license. I dated several guys that felt like the airport drop off implied too much commitment. Heavens, most spouses avoid taking their loves to the airport. But my brother was offering to take the neighbor’s friends' aunt just so he could show off his mad automobile skills. I am trying to remember this as I potty train Margaret. Sitting on the toilet is novel for her and so most of our hours this week were spent in the bathroom. She sits on that princess potty, panties around her ankles and calls me in, HEY MOMMY, I AM GOING POTTY! WHAT DO YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT? And so I sit on the bathroom floor and we talk, mostly about how much she loves going on the potty. That pink toilet is her Porsche and I guess I need to let her take it for a ride. I just might need to invest in a bathroom rug with thicker pile. My bum is starting to hurt from all that tiled floor sitting.

And finally. After many lovely comments and emails, I have learned that there are a lot of women out there that are just like me. A lovely revelation that makes all the mansion losing and potty training a little less lonely and a lot more fun.

Have a good weekend.