Good Morning

Margaret and Riley are closing up Sunday with a few episodes of Wonder Pets, while I sit and write. I can think of more inspiring background sounds than the incessant singing of the Wonder Pets. Who writes these shows? Why must one of the characters always have a speech impediment? And why do I feel like they are teaching my daughter more effectively than I ever do? Humbling. The sight of Riley and Margaret cuddling on the couch is almost worth allowing the dreaded Wonder Pets into our house. Almost. While Margaret learns about pupa's from singing turtles, I am thinking about the week to come. I have never been one to make, let alone keep, the traditional New Year's resolutions. So much pressure. I do make weekly resolutions. They are generally simple and designed for success.

Recent ones have included:

Remembering to brush Margaret's teeth every night (does 5 out of 7 count?)

Cooking more (This includes both grilled cheese and every preparation of egg)

Having dessert only on weekends (by Monday I decided that was too difficult and modified it to one scoop of ice cream on weeknights. I was able to stick to this, especially since I was scooping with a ladle.)

It seems to me that while toddler hygiene and nutritional health are important, I am perhaps aiming a little low. I mean, brushing your childrens' teeth is something most mothers do naturally, without a weekly resolution.

There are many things I want to do in this life and almost all of them are grander than limiting my sugar intake. I know where I came from and that we are all here to accomplish great things. I know that I want a life full of discovery, poetry, children, passion, gardens and color. I also know that I can attain none of this on my own. On my own is an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians and two pot pies. On my own is.not.pretty.

So I am leaving behind my weekly resolutions and embracing a daily one. Each morning, even the tired, sick, oh-my-goodness-can-the-day-already-be-over ones, I will wake up determined to consecrate my life. The dictionary defines consecrate as, "To make or declare sacred; set apart or dedicate to the service of God." One of my favorite quotes of the past year comes from a church leader, Elder D. Todd Christofferson,

"True success in this life comes in consecrating our lives - that is, our time and choices - to Gods' purposes. In so doing we permit Him to raise up to our highest destiny."

I am a daughter of God, perhaps it is time that I begin to live like one. Make the day His, before I ask for my portion. Each morning to remember my divine heritage and actually cultivate it. To humbly ask for the light and then to be given it in abundance. Work for His children before I take for myself. It is really not such a bad trade off. Give what I can and in return be given Everything, the color, the discovery, the passion. The highest version of myself.

On the days I falter, I will go to sleep excited for the next morning, the next commitment to dedication. I am going to try and for Him I know that is enough. I don't have to do it on my own.

Can't wait for the sunrise.