Going Green

Margaret and I didn't see eye to eye for much of this weekend. Something about how I didn't let her have ice cream for every meal and that I wanted her to go to bed before midnight. I know. I am a monster. On Saturday afternoon, I was cleaning the kitchen while she watched The Little Mermaid and ate a bag of m & ms she had been hoarding all week. I was scraping an unidentifiable something off the floor when I felt a tug on my shirt. It was Margaret and she was standing there with her little hand full of green m & ms. Mommy, these are for you. Because green is your favorite color! I love you.

I could just see her, sitting on the couch all messy from playing outside. Her little hands sifting through her treat to find something special just for me. I took that handful of sticky candy and oohed and ahhed over every bite.  There is something humbling in watching my children learn to mend and give. I am so blessed that I get to witness and partake of my two little girls' childhood.

This mom thing isn't half bad sometimes.