From Here to There

I will look at him this way. Always. Photo by Justin Hackworth.

We drove home from California yesterday.

On the freeway by three am and into the desert before the sun rose. The girls, those wonderful babies we made and then set out into the light, slept in the back of the car. Riley drove and I watched out the window. As the sky turned from black to grey to white, I looked over at him. This man I have known since he was a boy. There are lines around his eyes now. He looked straight ahead, taking us to the places we were meant to go.

I could put the world on his shoulders and he would carry it for me. Carry it until it buckled his knees and broke his back and he could walk no further. He would do it simply because I asked.

I will, of course, do no such thing.

There are lines around my eyes, too. And I can see where we are going. And we will carry the world together.