Favorite Things


Riley claims that I say everything is my favorite. It drives him a little crazy.

A few examples…

Oh, I love this crème brulee! It is my favorite!


I am so glad you suggested we watch When Harry Met Sally! It is my favorite!


No, I can’t get rid of that dress that has been sitting in the back of my closet since before Margaret was born! It is my favorite!

The husband seems to think that if everything is called “favorite” then some power is inevitably taken from the word. I mean, I guess I see the logic in his claim, but I think it sounds like a boring way to live. Wouldn’t it be great if everything was favorite all the time? Now, there are some things that rank at the top of my most loved, most favorites of all time. I mean, even I acknowledge that rankings are necessary…I am not advocating total anarchy, after all.

This necklace sits at the tip top of that list.

The little brass trinket that Zuzu says looks like “A BROWN LETTER P. MOMMY, DO YOU LIKE THE LETTER P?” is an instrument that once was used to measure the distance between stars. Or at least that is what the sales lady said. To be perfectly honest, it doesn't look like any sextant I have ever seen. But I like the thought and have decided to take her at her word. Also…I am a complete sucker.

We bought the token of the saint the summer that we backpacked through Ecuador. Over a hundred years old, vendors used to sell them as little souvenirs to the faithful that had come to worship in the cathedral in Cuenca. Years later an enterprising Ecuadorian began to collect them and frame them in sterling and glass. They were so expensive and at the time our bank account read in the double digits, but Riley wouldn't let me leave the shop without one. And so after much hemming and hawing and maybe we can just eat rice until we fly home? – I settled on this little piece of heaven. It is a depiction of a guardian angel, a little something to watch to over me. I know it is just carved stone and paint. But so many years ago in a country so far away, an artist sat down and created this so that the person that owned it would feel protected and like maybe, just maybe, they were a part of something bigger than themselves. I think there is power and comfort in that.

So I wear my little necklace most days, something to connect me to the stars and the world beyond what I can strictly see. And my goodness, don't we all need a little bit of that every now and then?

Not a bad favorite, I think.

What are some of your favorites?