Eat, Little Bird, Eat

And pizza, she will eat pizza.

With Thanksgiving just hours away my mind has been much consumed with all the food I am about to well, consume. Readers of this blog will not be surprised that I exist in a food-centric universe and there can be no shock in the confession that I think all holidays should rotate around a gravy boat the size of my head. (Yes, that big!)

So imagine my dismay when my first born turned out to be about as interested in food as 14 year old me was in algebra. Not at all. Sure she has a few favorites, any kind of chicken nugget (no quality control there), broccoli (as long as it is drenched in cheese), pinto beans (bowls and bowls and bowls!) and any cereal ever (except Raisin Bran, because she thinks the raisins are ICKY CHOCOLATE. She isn’t totally wrong.)

Viola has been a revelation. She will eat anything. Carrots! Sauerkraut! Stew! Fish! Brussels Sprouts! She and I spend meals cooing over the same creamy sauced chicken while Zuzu stares straight ahead, insisting she isn’t hungry. Unless there is cereal. I mean, seriously, is there cereal?

So, in the spirit of motherly innovation I devised a plan to get my three year old to eat a little more heartily. Zuzu loves to play make believe. She is Doggy Zuzu! She is Snow White Zuzu! She is Dinosaur Zuzu! One day I was feeding Viola a bowl full of sodium soaked noodles when I had a brilliant idea.

“Hey Zuzu! I have an idea! You should be Birdie Zuzu and fly around the house!”

“OH WOW MOM! OKAY!” At which point she begins flapping her wings and running from room to room to room.

“Birdie Zuzu, you know what I just thought of? You must be hungry after all that flying! And do you know what birds eat? They eat WORMS! Oh man, lucky for you,” and here I put my fingers into the bowl of noodles and pull out a dozen of the curling, steamy things, “I have a whole bowl of worms right here!”

So we spent lunch time with Birdie Zuzu eating worms out of my hands on flybys. It is a performance that has been repeated several times a week since then. Sometimes I add steamed veggies to the noodles to make myself feel better about what she eats and sometimes….I don’t. I didn’t think anything of it until we were playing the BIRDIE ZUZU WORM GAME at my parent’s house.  Zuzu was mid-worm grab when I looked up to see my sister staring at me with disgust. Apparently, three year olds aren’t supposed to eat dripping wet noodles out of their parent’s bare hands while shouting that they are a bird? Because it is weird?

I mean, who knew?