Dreams and Dragons

This is a letter I wrote when Margaret was just over a year old. I now know that it is something I could write to my girls several times a month, a week, even a day. Some lessons need to be learned again and again. Margaret has spent the last two nights at my parents' house. Viola and I have taken the time to get to know one another a little better. She is just everything I could ever want. We are so lucky to have another little girl dream chaser in our house. 

Dear Margaret,

The brevity of our time here on Earth has been much on my mind lately. Days are too quickly and freely spent. Night comes and I wonder if I gave you anything new, if I helped you to discover anything worthwhile. Too often I have not. There is wonder and awe bottled up inside your mama, just waiting to be poured into you. I want you to see a world inhabited by fairies and the magic of the written word. It is the world in which I mean to raise you. Today, there was no wonder and I am sorry. We spent the day inside. I was tired. You were grumpy. Monsters, Inc. was on loop. Totally pedestrian.

Margaret, there will be as few of these days as I can manage. Life is short and absolutely bursting with goodness. Darling girl, you were thought of by the same mind that controls the atom and lit the morning sky. You were formed by the same hands that shaped the stars. Who am I to keep such a beautiful creation inside, idle and ignorant? Margaret, we have so much to do! There are mountains to climb and shadows to light. We have dreams and dragons to hunt.

I promise I won’t forget again.

Love, Mama