Dad Guide For the Men You Love

The Father's Day Gift Guide by Mom's Best. Featuring an essay by little ol' me.

Father's Day. Wait, did I see your eyes roll? Just another holiday created by Hallmark? Why do we need a day set aside to tell the Dads in our lives that we love them? We should celebrate Fathers every day of the year! Not just the day the calendar tells us we should. Blah Blah Blah.

I really like the men in my life. Really, Really, Really. And if the calendar tells me there is a Sunday in June where we should serve steak for every meal and give them that latest power tool they have been lusting after...then yeah, I am going to listen. (Full disclosure: Neither my husband or my Dad would ever lust after power tools. Uh-uh, No Sir. Although Riley does dream about high end maybe that counts.)

Mom's Best understands the love we have for our lovely men. And they understand that not every guy goes to bed hoping to wake up to a brand new jigsaw cutter (I don't even think that is a real thing.) And so they have presented us with a Dad Guide that covers all the bases from the handy dad to the techy dad to the I was born a hipster, I will die a hipster Dad. There are DIY craft ideas, free printables and just about every source of Dad inspired inspiration you could hope to find this sunniest of Wednesdays.

Bonus? They asked me to write the cover article for the guide. And you guys, seeing my writing illustrated and looking so professional was the first time I felt like a real live writer.

Want read about the time my Dad solidified his hero status? And find the perfect gift for that perfect guy? And solve world hunger?(Well, two out of three ain't bad.) Check out the Mom's Best Dad Guide and then go forth and conquer Father's Day!