Cinderella Blue

Cinderella Flowers. Also, it is not just a trick of the light...that picture is totally crooked.

When I got home last night Margaret greeted me at the door,

Mommy! You are home! We got you Cinderella flowers! See! They are BLUE! And blue is my favorite color! Because it is like Cinderella! Mommy!  You are home!

She jumped and wiggled and tossed her hair.

Viola was a little more demure in her greeting, a smile from behind a chair and when I picked her up her little head buried into my neck.

Riley came across the room in two strides and kissed me until my teeth hurt. I would like to say his excitement stemmed simply from my presence, but I think he was mainly relieved to have a partner once again in the war against the children  parenting. Today we are going to go to the park, dance in the kitchen and walk to the gas station to get fifty seven cent ice cream bars.

It is good to be home.

Tomorrow, a post on my Vegas adventures and introduction to the wild and wonderful world of ballroom dancing. Featuring Pictures! Glitter! How to chase your dream in a pair of embellished heels!  All of that and more! Tomorrow!