Caravan Shoppe does Halloween and A Discount!

Every year I swear I am going to go all out for Halloween. But then October flies by so quickly I can hardly catch my breath.

And I suddenly remember I can't sew so my girls are stuck wearing face paint and last years dress up.

And, most crushingly for this would be witch,  I realize I can't spend a fortune on decorations because we are saving for Christmas.

I am sure this October will still disappear with the speed of a witch on her broom (ummm, those are fast, right?). And I have already begun brainwashing the girls into wanting to wear clothes we already have. (Just imagine it, Margaret! You could wear your regular clothes BUT WITH GLITTER ON YOUR FACE! OOOOHHHH, MAGIC.) But I will be damned darned this year we don't get some decorations up. Luckily, Caravan Shoppe has stepped in to make that both affordable and easy as stealing Halloween candy from a sleeping three year old. (Not that I have any experience with that.)

Caravan Shoppe is a boutique of downloadable goodies, easily printed at home or your local office supply store. My very favorite Halloween prints from them are ENORMOUS poster size and only cost $6 to print. So, you know, win-win-win.

Head to Caravan Shoppe to get your spook on. And, just because I love you, from now until October 15th you can get 15% off with the code: meginhalloween.