We took the family on a drive to see the fall leaves last Sunday. It was all orange and reds and pinks and nearly purples. Viola slept, Riley chatted with his brother and I sat in the backseat next to Margaret. I told her that the fairies come out each year and paint the trees to celebrate the cooler nights.  She pretended to believe me. At one point we turned a bend and a small patch of orange burned across the grey grass. I gasped,

"My goodness, look at that. It is breathtaking!"

Margaret smiled next to me and then began breathing in quickly and deeply.

"Yes, Mom! It is breathtaking! I am taking so many breaths right now! Oh I love when things make me take breaths. Breathtaking!"

And then I took her little face in my hands and kissed her all over her chubby cheeked face.

My cup runneth over.