Almost There

Once in a very great while I find myself all alone in the car driving with the windows down and the music up. I am generally doing something glamorous like picking up that weeks twelfth gallon of milk. The destination doesn't really matter because often as not, between our driveway and the second stop sign, something happens. Maybe it is the music, very possibly the diesel fumes slipping in the window, but for just a moment I can see this place and this life with the eyes of someone new. I am reminded that my little town nestled up against the big mountains is more picturesque than provincial. The long day with the girls falls away and I can't recall the tired or the frustrated. Only the blue in their eyes. Riley is once again the boy I prayed to God to keep forever and always. And my dreams, the ones hidden behind the pile dirty dishes and red eyed from sleepless nights, are seen clearly once more. Maybe it all is possible and maybe I really do get to be everything I hoped to be. And in that instant the possibility is more than enough.

Not too bad for a quick trip to the grocery store.