A Tastefully Sexy Giveaway

Ladies, ladies, LADIES!

Have I got good news for YOU!

A few weeks ago I posted The Good Girl's Guide to Great Sex and Even Better Intimacy. Afterwards my inbox was filled to the brim with emails from readers that have been waiting for days, weeks, months, YEARS for someone to say, "Listen, sex. It can be good. It can be better. It can help your marriage. It can help YOU. AND HERE'S HOW!" You thought that guide was good? How about an entire Saturday of fun filled, insightful, realistic and unabashed instruction in a tasteful atmosphere? A Saturday full of empowerment, swag bags, non-alcoholic fruity drinks and women just like you?

The Healing Group is presenting all of us with just such a Saturday. And yeah, the promise of fancy drinks is super, super real.

On the Edge of the Bed: A Tastefully Sexy Workshop for Women is making its sparkling debut at The Hotel Monaco in Salt Lake City on September 14th.

The workshop will help you:

  • Let go of a painful past and create a positive sexy and intimate future
  • Look at common problems women face
  • Understand the fundamentals of the body and sex
  • Increase to increase your libido and move sex back to the top of the to-do list
  • Increase your confidence and take sexual risks through the power of vulnerability
  • Navigate the 5 senses of sexuality
  • Add spice to your love life
Let's face it, talking about important aspects of womanhood with a community of women in a comfortable environment is basically priceless. The $125 price tag on this event (or $75 for half day) is a steal. (And I mean, what husband is going to claim it is money misspent?) But as always, I am here as your humble servant and two readers are going to get a pair of tickets to this event absolutely, positively free. Because the only thing better than going to this event, is being able to take a best friend right along with you.

Yeah, it's a sexy giveaway.

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