A Sunlit Day

Yesterday. The sun was shining, the girls were asleep and in the quiet I thanked God. Thanked Him for my children, my home, eternity and a sky full of stars. I breathed in deeply and understood that all truth is desirable and already in existence. We walk through each day surrounded by intelligence just waiting to pour into our open minds and open hearts. I rejoiced in the bounty awaiting my wide eyed girls.

And then a chill and a fear. My girls. What if they do not seek? What if they walk through this world and the waves of truth crash upon them and they do not notice, or worse, do not care? I believe we are all born with a need to know, a hope to see the light. Somewhere along the way, that need and hope can be lost. Please, I prayed. Please, my little darlings, do not lose it.

If I could I would carry them with me and lift the things I have learned into their hearts. There, I would say.

There is the love of your parents.

There is a sureness of self.

There is the reason you were born.

There is a knowledge of God.

There is His love.

There is Grace and and Charity and sweet, delivering Atonement.

And each one would be oh so carefully placed, never to be surrendered or forgotten.

The sounds of the girls in the other room brought me out of my thoughts. Nap time had ended, they were waiting for me. Viola gurgled and Margaret wrapped her hot little arms around my neck.

"Mommy, what are going to do today?"

I hugged her close and breathed into her curls.

"Let's go outside. The sun is out and I could use a little light."