A Night Well Spent

What? This isn't how it works?

So Mr. Husband left last Wednesday on a business trip to California and did not return until late last night. He claims he worked very hard. I am sure he did. He claims business trips aren't all fun and games. Even ones that take place in Orange County. In theory this may be true. However, certain words that have the connotation of "good times" kept popping up in his conversations with me. Words like, "Bravo Burger", "Newport", "just went to see a guy movie, you wouldn't have liked it", "Jalapenos", and (this one hurt the worst) "Akbar". (Hmmm, almost that whole list is food oriented...I am a total glutton.)
When Riley left to not enjoy himself at all those fabulous places, he gave me a handsome little stack of bills. More than enough to cover the entertainment/food needs of the girl and I through the rest of the week plus a little in case of emergency. I also had my bank card to use in an emergency's emergency. We were set.
So Margaret and I were on our own for five days. And I was a little weepy (this we can definitely blame on the pregnancy). When the weepies hit there are some things that are very helpful. Carl's Jr. New lipstick. Girl Scout cookies. Vintage glassware. None of which is exactly, umm, free.
The handsome man came home last and I was, well let's just say, very ready for him. That new lipstick and a couple of other purchases were put to good use. Ahem.
This morning I get a call from Riley,
"So...it looks like you spent all of that cash...including the emergency money."
"Oh really? Hmm. Yeah...I must have."
"Ok. It also looks like you spent a good amount on the bank card."
"Oh yeah, I really did. Man. That got a little out of hand, didn't it?"
And then do you know what that lovely, tie wearing hunk of a man did? He laughed. I could give his fantastic character all of the credit for his equanimous reaction. Or I could give credit to last night.
I am going with last night.