A Many Splendored Thing

Photo by the ever lovin' Justin Hackworth

Riley left for China last week. He is conquering the world and bringing it home on a porcelain platter next Monday.

I miss him terribly. And not just because he does the laundry, changes diapers and sends me out of the house whenever the children have been too well, children-ish. No, it is so much more. Things don't work properly without my blue eyed boy. I miss him the way the sky would miss the sun. I know, I know. Sky and sun talk? But it is true. I  miss that boy to the point of  horrible, hackneyed, feels so true blue cliches. I miss him like the desert misses the rain. (Okay, that was the last one. I promise.)

Yesterday I spent a significant amount of the day checking an app on my phone that tells me exactly what time it is in China right now and now and even right now! And while the girls chattered and I pretended to clean, I wondered what all those minutes so far away held for a boy that I hold so near.

After the kids went to sleep, I checked my phone once more. 11:17 pm on a Monday night. I should have been in bed but instead I was eating chocolate and popcorn while watching a House Hunters marathon. In that very same moment, thousands of miles away, it was 2:17 pm on a Tuesday afternoon. Riley was exactly where he should be, doing everything he should be doing. Funny, how some things never change, no matter the distance.

We are in two different days a world away from each other and I still feel like he is close enough to touch. I can feel his hand on mine.Every corner is one I hope he walks around and I think that maybe he can hear me when I think, if I just do it hard enough. Silly. Illogical. Lovely.

I think it must be love.