A Day like Today

This morning, Margaret woke up crying and I woke up happy to help her. Is there anything more pathetic (or adorable) than a two year old crying for her "mommy, mommy? MOMMY??." And then the snuggling afterwards. Oh, my cup OVERFLOWETH. My goals for today aren't what one would call grand. There will be a shower, there may be lipstick. We will walk to the grocery store and get some fixin's for dinner. Margaret will ask to watch Hercules for the hundredth time and I will let her. Tomorrow, I will conquer the world. For the next 24 hours, I think I will just float in it. Funny. Six years ago I would have held a day like today in contempt. Where is the goodness, the adventure, the gobbling up of life?

I know better now. I love today.

A few pictures my friend, Heather Mildenstein, took while we had a playdate at her oh so lovely house. And yes that is her son, Cole and yes, he and Margaret are betrothed.