A Call to Womanhood: A Story Seldom Told

I hope my girls know that their story - the whole of it, the boring bits, shocking parts and moments of subtle insight - is a story worth telling. I hope they tell it across dinner tables and backyard bbq's and in the quiet of their homes. I hope they seek out the stories of others, especially their fellow sisters in living. We were born with voices because we are meant to be heard.

The Listen To Your Mother Show was a unique experience for me. I got to stand up in a room I had never been in filled with people I have never met. And then, for just a moment, I was able to share an intimate part of my life with them. When I was done with my simple contribution, I felt heard.

I left that night and that microphone with one objective.

I want women to be heard. I want them to understand the power of their stories. I want us to stop talking long enough to listen.

And then I want to do it all over again.

My presentation at the 2013 Northern Utah LTYM. 

LTYM 2013 VIDEO LAUNCH thanks to national video sponsor The Partnership at Drugfree.org. We're proud to promote their message of preventing prescription drug misuse and abuse! Join the growing number of parents pledging to end this epidemic .  http://www.drugfree.org/medicineabuse

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A Call to Womanhood continues next week with a post on body image. Now if you will excuse me, I am staring at a bag of popcorn that is not going to eat itself.