2012: A Shameless Retrospective

This past year has been beautiful, hard, boring, so close to perfect and kick in the stomach gasping for breath difficult. In short, this year has been a lot like life. And I am trying to be okay with that.

In the last year...

I, you know, started this blog this way.

And then spent the year, well....you, know...writing.

I wrote about embarrassing myself, falling in love with my family and running away from home, even if it was just for a little while. I wrote about big things - vaccinations, getting busy, depression, confronting fears without easy answers, saying goodbye and things that happen under neon lights. And I wrote about the big things that pretend to be little things-girls nights out, survey says , dance competitions and   moments with the our best dads. Of course, there was that one time that I stole a purse worth of tampons from an oh so fancy restaurant, the thousands of kitchen dances and two little girls that seem to think I am A-Okay (one for Viola and one for Zuzu). And my husband, yes, I wrote about him, too, here, here and of course, here

And through it all, you read and laughed at me and with me. And I think sometimes you cried with me, too. And I thank you for your comments and emails. And I thank you for your good thoughts. And I hope next year is even better for all of us.

Because my, wouldn't that be nice?

Here's to another 365 days full of fairies waiting to be found and dreams waiting to be dreamed.

God bless.