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The reason I write (because there is one)

Hello, There.

A Call to Womanhood (essays on that undefinable state)

A Call to Womanhood

A Call to Womanhood: Embodied

A Call to Womanhood: A Modest Proposal

A Call to Womanhood: Good To Know

A Call to Womanhood: Discernment

A Call to Womanhood: A Story Seldom Told

A Call to Womanhood: Birthright

A Call to Womanhood: Birthright on ABC

A Call to Womanhood: The Highly Favoured

Let's Stop Talking about Chastity as a Means to Preserve Purity

Three Ways to Give Your Daughter the Self-Esteem You Wish You Had

A Call to Womanhood: The (Not So) Radical Right

A Call to Womanhood: Clarity

A Call to Womanhood: Intrinsic

A Call to Womanhood: Pass the Eclair, Please.

A Call to Womanhood: The Highly Favoured

A Call to Womanhood: Body of Work

A Call to Motherhood: A Mother There

A Call to Womanhood: A Girl Like Me

A Call to Womanhood: Handmade Love

A Call to Womanhood: The Outrageously Outraged

Sex (yeah, s-e-x)

The Good Girl's Guide to Great Sex and Even Better Intimacy

Five Reasons You Should Have Sex with Your Husband Every Day

Five Reasons Your Wife Won't Have Sex with You

Let's Stop Talking about Chastity as a Means to Preserve Purity

Difficult subjects (because they won't keep quiet even if i do)

A Soft Light

A Pox on All Our Houses

Out in the Cold

The Writing on the Wall

Girls, Girls, Girls

Things I'm Afraid to Tell You

Far, Far Away

A Girl Named Sue

Traffic Stop

Red Light

Cancer (damn it to hell)


Five Thoughts I Had When My Dad Was Diagnosed with Cancer

The One Thing You Should Never Say to Someone Living with Cancer. Ever.

Dad's Eulogy

Grief (it's a sacred thing)

In Grief

Dad's Eulogy

In Our Hands

On A Green Hill Far Away

Look Up

Immortal Clay

Motherhood (guts, glory and too much diet coke)

My Mother Was Fortune

Home Happy Home

The Perfect Bite

How to Be a Good Mother

How It's Done

The Last Bite

Just a Moment

One Bite at a Time

The One with the Lights

Dreams and Dragons



In The Ever Whole World

Count the Stars

I See You

Four Ways to Teach Your Children to Live with Wonder

Depression (the kind that comes and goes and comes again)

Our Biggest and Best Fight

Postpartum Depression: A Survival Guide

It Doesn't Take Much

4 Things to Remember When You Are PMSing (or otherwise sad, anxious or in a general funk of mild despair)

Faith (the promise of morning in the dark of night)

Lift Me Up

The Highly Favoured

The Prodigal

The Things We Carry

Answered Prayers


The Big Picture

In My Father's House

Meg and the Giant Hope

In Your Hearts

Growing Upwards

The Highly Favoured

I Believe

Children (tantrums and fairy hunts and sweet as cream)The Day You Turned Two

Cereal and Cinderella

When You Wish Upon A...

Knock, Knock

Sometimes, It Swings Back

At 4 a.m.

A Pink Cupcake Kind of Day

Hello, You

All It Takes

First Day

Viola Honey Flower

A Touch of Starlight

Shine On

With a Cherry on Top

Without End

Life (or something like it)

Mess Maker


It's The End of The World (But Not Really)

My Father, The Hero


Five Truths My Parents Taught Me

The Whole Wide World

Your Dreams are Stupid (Time to Get Some New Ones)

And Joy

Marriage (because i love that boy i married one time)Lead Me Back to You

Taste of Home

Soft Serve Dream

Five Reasons You Should Have Sex with Your Husband Every Day

What Moonrise Kingdom Taught Me About Marriage

After 8 Years of Marriage, I Just Had a First Kiss

Dating Tip #1: Be Selfish

Ways that I embarrass myself (this could be a whole blog in itself)

The Monster Under the Bed


20 Steps to Killing a Spider at One in the Morning

Survey Says I'm an Idiot

All That and a Bag of ...

While Showering