Me, very excited about speaking. Just like so, so excited.

Too excited? Maybe too excited.


Really nice of you to drop in.

My name is Meg Conley.

I live in Oakland, California with a boy I’ve loved since I was twelve. His name is Riley. We have three daughters - Margaret Zuzu, Viola Honey and Brontë Fig.

I used to blog. You now, back in 2011 when it was too late to become the next big blog but too early to realize blogging was dead?

Now I write for places like Medium, Huffington Post and Bravery Magazine about things like immigration and feminism. I speak at table side gatherings and national conferences on building a better world, spirituality, doubt, storytelling, marriage, motherhood and you know, anything else that’ll get me twenty to forty minutes behind a podium.

Sometimes I still blog. Because 2011 springs eternal, I guess.